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We are now taking nominations for individual post season awards. Through out the season the list for each award will be updated week to week. The first set of lists will be shown week one and continue until the end of the season for all MoCo teams. Please send your nominations to our email address, or contact us on twitter @InTheCountyMoco  


-You must have varsity film.

- Anyone can nominate a player.

- You can nominate yourself.

- Coaches, players and media member’s votes hold more weight than a fan or a parents vote.     

QB Nominations: 

- Calvin Reighard, Senior, Seneca Valley High School  

- Gaston Cooper, Senior, Paint Branch High School 


- Charles Hennessey, Senior, Northwood High School


- Joe Nacci, Junior, Clarksburg high school  

- Chase Williams, Senior, Damascus High School 

        - Nick DeCarlo, Senior, Gaithersburg High School  


- Sean Strittmatter, Sophomore, Churchill High School 

- Sam Ellis, Senior, Wootton High School  

- Mark Pierce, Sophomore, Northwest High School 

RB Nominations:  

         - Solomon Vault, Senior, Gaithersburg High School 


        - Marquis Robinson, Senior, Blake High School 


        - Kevin “Twos” Joppy, Senior, Quince Orchard High School 



        - Zac Morton, Senior, Whitman High School


        - Khalil Wilson, Senior, Einstein High School 


        - Tavis Holland, Junior, Clarksburg high school  


- Josh Gills, Senior, Northwest High School 


WR/TE Nominations: 

        - William Tearney, Senior, Gaithersburg High School 


        - Javonn Curry, Senior, Paint Branch High School  


        - Isaiah Eisendorf, Senior, Springbrook High School


- Jaron Woodyard, Sophomore, Watkins Mill High School 


        - Kyon Giles, Junior, Northwood High School  


        - Brandon Williams, Junior, Northwest high School  


- Malcolm Brown, Senior, Quince Orchard High School


- Ariel Martinez, Senior, Gaithersburg High School  


        - Trevon Diggs, Sophomore, Wootton High School  


        - Bruno Anyangwe, Senior, Clarksburg High School  


       - Jesse Locke, Junior, Churchill High School  


OL Nominations: 

- Chris Whalen, Senior, Damascus High School  

- Chris Young, Senior, Paint Branch High School 

- Tim Kress, Junior, Sherwood High School  

- Maxwell Sessions, Senior, Whitman High School  

- Anthony Combs, Senior, Gaithersburg High School 


- Bryan Angel, Senior, Einstein High School  

- Dean Emerson, Senior, Sherwood High School 


- Ali Kazemipour, OL, Senior, Churchill High School 


- Lucas Kane, Senior, Northwood High School  

DL Nominations: 

- Tinashe Gwashavanhu, Senior, Gaithersburg High School 


- Giulian Groce, Junior, Churchill High School 


- Adam McLean, Junior, Quince Orchard High School 

- Chris Bejanga, Senior, Clarksburg High School  

- Alex Evans, Senior, Springbrook High School 

- Christian Reyes, Senior, Northwood High School  

- Kamonte Carter, Senior, Gaithersburg high school  

- Daniel Appouh, Senior, Seneca Valley High School 

- Joe Granger, Senior, Whitman High School    

- Terrell Drakeford, Junior, Clarksburg High School 


-  Azzan Goode, Senior, Springbrook High School  

LB Nominations:  

            - Blake Dove, Junior, Churchill High School  



            - Tatah Ndeh, Senior, Springbrook High School 


- Ari Cacopardo, Junior, Damascus High School 

- Austen Herbert, Senior, Seneca Valley High School 

- Paris Atwater, Senior, Sherwood High School


- Sam Stewart, Junior, Paint Branch High School 

- Tayahd Campbell, Senior, Blake High School   

- George Sangbong, Senior, Gaithersburg High School   

- Peter Limber, Junior, Clarksburg High School 


- Keenan McUmber, Senior, BCC High School 

DB Nominations: 

- Jalen Christian, Junior, Damascus High School  

- Kyle Gregory, Senior, Quince Orchard High School 

- Elijah Spottswood, Sherwood High School   

- Luke Pierce, Senior, Northwest High School   

- Elliott Davis, Senior, Quince Orchard High School 


    - Mark Davis, Senior, Blake High School  


POY Nominations: 

- Elijah Spottswood, DB Sherwood High School  

- Jalen Christian, Junior, DB/WR Damascus High School 

- Gaston Cooper, Senior, QB Paint Branch High School  

- Calvin Reighard, Senior, QB Seneca Valley High School 

    - Bruno Anyangwe, WR, Senior, Clarksburg High School   

   - Josh Gills, Senior, RB/QB Northwest High School

   - Tatah Ndeh, Senior, Springbrook High School

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